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Outside Dog

March 31, 2011

My dog is inside outside upright downright happy all the time and by that I mean that she stands  at the kitchen door and looks longingly either inside at us or outside at the squirrels. I spend a lot of time sweeping up dirt and bits of leaves from the kitchen. Fortunately it almost never rains in Texas so mud is rarer. Sometimes, I think she goes outside deliberately to get more dirt to bring into the house, but then I realize that she is too stupid.

I’m not up for sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor 3x/day right now so I have decided to leave her outside with the squirrels. She has water.

She keeps looking at me. I’m upstairs in the TV room watching the last season of Buffy and I can feel her doggy eyes on me. Let’s see how long this lasts. I know I’m going to cave. It’s just a question of how soon.

My kids know they can’t pull that kind of nonsense on me.

What they haven’t figured out is that if they would just STFU I’d be a pushover.

I’m thinking this whole language thing is overrated.

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