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Not Much To Say

March 30, 2011

“People” used to get so frustrated with me when I was in the middle of cancer because I failed to update them. Occasionally I would send out a mass email that said “Still Have Cancer. Not Dead Yet,” which I thought, and still do think, was uproariously funny but evidently I am a set of one.

I know a lot of cancer patients set up CaringBridge sites or regular updates because we all, or most of us, are lucky to be surrounded by one or more communities of wonderful people who care, and who pitch in.

I couldn’t even write thank you notes. I couldn’t even speak. The gift of words just went away.

I find myself in a similar situation following breast reconstruction surgery. It’s like cancer lite. It’s gruesome, and I feel terrible, but not so terrible, and all kinds of wonderful people pitch in in all kinds of wonderful ways and I can’t think of anything to say except “Thank you,” and even then  I don’t say it very well.

I wish I could make a nipple joke, but those are never funny at the breast of times.

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  1. Laura Charron permalink

    I see the wit has returned. xx

  2. Aunt Lee permalink

    Bad puns always carry the day.

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