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Creating Space

January 6, 2015

Each year, I make one resolution, and I keep it.

This year, my resolution was to create space in my life so that the things that matter would stand out. When I posted it on Facebook, a couple of different friends asked that I let people know how it went.

I thought about making a new blog to document my endeavor, but that seemed to undermine the whole concept of creating space, so instead, I’m going to write about it here, on the blog I already have.

Great resolutions of the past have been to not hang out with people I don’t like, drink more, and watch more television (hello Game of Thrones!), to wear red nail polish, not to look like hell all the time, to spend a year not dating (I was 23), and to not drink a single gin and tonic 12 months, but instead to drink the girliest of girly drinks (hello Amaretto Sour!)

I’m back to G&Ts, but in the summer only, reserving the winter months for Manhattans; I don’t wear any nail polish at all, but at least I don’t feel bad about it; my signature style has changed from “I had cancer, I don’t care if I look like hell” to “My clothes match and my hair is brushed;” I still don’t watch enough television.

I hope this year’s resolution turns out to be of the good ones.

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