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Ongoing Freakshow

March 23, 2011

Chris brought me back home yesterday froom anothr round of breast reconstriction.

I’m still so knocked out from anaesthesia I can neither read or type. This post in all of its horros is an accrate poicture of me, if uou can read it.

I’ll be entter soon. RIght now, I’m a purple haze of narcotics and hallucinagens, stiff al over, but happy that it’s done and Iwoll look a little like a freakshow.

Happy reading of this illegible post. It’s why you never ever heard from me while I was going through it. I spent two years this messed.

Today is also the fourth anniversary of my diagnosis. Another knotcj in the “I made it” category.

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  1. Aunt Lee permalink

    And a wonderful, wonderful knotcj it is!!! Congratulations, Love.

  2. joel permalink

    I simply thought your keyboard had gotten into the hands of Sarah Palin.

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