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January 31, 2014

This is a post for the discipline of writing a post.

Sometimes, if you think you want to do something, you do it even if it is terrible. What’s unsaid is the fear of — not failure, but banality.

Maybe I’ll post tomorrow. This is enough for today.

Should I not have bothered?

Is it better to do something bad than to do nothing?

I’m not sure anyone is going to read this anyway.

I feel like a voice in the darkness.

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  1. Joy permalink

    You are heard! This is how every blogger feels who has not posted as much as they would like. Blogging is a marathon – just keep going. So, doing a post like this is perfect. You got that one foot in front of the other! You are wonderful, sweetie and I hope you are feeling better! Hugs, Joy

  2. It’s better to write than not to write at all ! It doesn’t matter if no one reads it–you must write for yourself at least as much as you write for others. I appreciate your candor and spontaneity, and have missed reading your take on things and stuff. Will send you a note on getting public money out of politics. Only you could enliven a subject like that and make it interesting. Love, Julie

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