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Scaling Back

September 6, 2013

We met with Genius Pool Guy today.

His proposal was perfect. It’s gorgeous. It’s a spa waterfalling into a giant pool with a 30 foot infinity edge waterfalling into another giant pool, deep enough to dive into. It’s unbelievable!

And it came in at 30% above our budget, more or less.

In theory, if our cars don’t break and we never ever go out to eat and nothing ever goes wrong with an investment property we own, we could buy the pool he designed, but we wouldn’t enjoy it because we would constantly fret about how much it cost. It would be a buzzkill pool, not an object of joy.

We could sell our investment property and just buy the damn pool, but that is not something we want to do, because then when our kids go to college, how will we pay for it? We might do that anyway.

We could save up and buy the glorious pool later on. That might happen. I might stick a paypal button on this blog to pay for the pool. I doubt I will do that.

We could go back to Genius Pool Guy and say, “please scale back your proposal” but how on earth do you tell that to someone who has given you the Pool Design From Heaven?

I might do that.

I have some other bids still outstanding (Santa) so I’m not going to rush into anything.

I think I will go sit in the bathtub and close my eyes and pretend I am in a pool. I need to soak my scaly feet anyway.

Some people go through this when they get a cancer diagnosis, especially when they don’t have adequate health insurance.

Some people go through this because their traditional insurance won’t pay for quack  cures.

Me? I just want a pool. Thank God I didn’t have to even think like this when I had cancer.

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