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It’s like the oxygen mask in a crashing plane

September 3, 2013
Get on mah feeties!

Get on mah feeties!

The aspirin remedy worked decently. If I had normal feet, it would have been awesome. I recommend it. As it is, mine are softer, and more comfortable, but still nasty.

My box of Baby Feet, the  Japanese foot peel was sitting on my front porch when I came home this afternoon
I’d like to say that I’m going to put those plastic booties after all of my work is done, but I learned well the lesson of cancer: that it never will be, and if I don’t make taking care of myself a priority, it will get procrastinated into nothingness.

I’m sitting on the couch with my feet in plastic booties full of skin-melting foot acid while kid #1 cleans the kitchen and kid #2 takes a shower. They can microwave leftovers for dinner and do the rest of the housework. Their homework is done. I’m out here with them, not hiding out in my room.

It’s good.

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