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Foot Dandruff

August 29, 2013


Ages ago, I posted a long piece about my post-cancer beauty routines, which was evidently a  hit because I keep getting notes about how useful it is for other people recovering from cancer. Yay! It makes me feel good that people find this blog helpful — that’s one reason I picked it up again.

When I wrote that long post, I ended with the statement that my feet were a mess but talking about them made me too sad.

The other stuff has cleared up, but my feet are still a mess. I get pedicures when I can and definitely take care of them on my own, and they’ve improved a lot . . .  and it’s still pretty bad.

Then my friend told me about a Japanese foot care product that will soften and smooth out your feet via an intense chemical peel.

It’s going to be disgusting, but that’s okay.

I’m really excited.

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  1. Mara permalink

    I have that! It’s called “Pritty Feet”. You rub a thick layer of it on your toes, heals, and rub it on like lotion. Keep on rubbing it until the lotion thickens and then starts falling off like dead skin. When all of it’s rubbed off, you have baby skin on your feet. Better than a pedicure. Can apply on rough patches on knees and elbows as well. Have fun!

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