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August 19, 2013

So much better than my boob in a sun shirt.

This morning we met with Pool Guy, whom I will call Genius Pool Guy from now on.

His back of the envelope estimate for the awesome pool we want was (barely) within our budget constraints. He’s going to come back in a couple of weeks with a firm proposal. We talked about timing. It looks like we will be finished around Valentine’s Day.

He said our yard had some challenges, which gave us some great opportunities to do some interesting things. In this case, it’s not just doublespeak: we have a good setting for waterfalls and negative edges and so forth, since our yard is a super steep hill.

The next step is to look at 3D modeling and rendering of the design he is cooking up for us. The timing on the second visit is a little tricky because we have to make sure not to schedule it for when I will be in Houston getting the very final last work done on my breast reconstruction: nipple tattoos.

There was a point not too long ago at which I would have imagined myself being all “Woo hooooooo nipple tattoos!” but instead I am all “Woo hooooooooo pool.”

The whole issue of me in a bathing suit is a non issue. The mere fact that it’s not an issue is amazing, exactly the way a negative edge on a pool is breathtakingly beautiful.

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