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Cafe Cubano

October 3, 2011

Cafe Cubano.

That’s Spanish for Cuban Coffee and it is the best food ever: thick, hot, sweet, rich. It’s got a flavor that Starbucks can’t touch, which the Wall Street Journal pointed out 20 years ago when they questioned the coffee megachain’s decision to expand into Miami.

I make my own cafe Cubano at home, in my little steel cafeteríta, but mine never tastes just right because I don’t put sugar into it.

This evening, my mom mailed me a link to this fabulous video, and I think tomorrow, I’ll make it the right way.

I like to heat up milk on the stove until it gets hot and just begins to foam, then pour in a shot of perfect Cuban coffee. It’s heaven.

You should try it.

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  1. Diane permalink

    I use my little moka pot every AM, and LOVE Cuban coffee, so will have to try this. But I am confused by the beginning of the video. She puts the coffee right into bottom of the pot with the water? And how much? I always do mine Italian-style and put the espresso in the little basket that sits over the water. Fill up the basket and cook until it “spits.” Then add sugar and drink.

    You don’t have to measure anything as all you do is fill the basket. What exactly is she doing?

  2. askmoxie permalink

    So she didn’t add any milk? Just coffee and sugar? I always thought Cuban coffee had milk, but now I know. I love how the sugar and espresso mixture looked exactly like a perfect roux.

  3. Moxie, when you add the milk it is called a cafe con leche. And when you get it separado, you are served a giant mug of steaming milk and a little carafe of hot thick sweet coffee heaven that you slowly pour into your milk, making the mixture stronger with each sip.

    I like to sip it to the sweet strains of Ravel’s Bolero.

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