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September 29, 2011

So, I have a heart condition. It might be a side effect from chemotherapy. It might be anxiety. It might be something that shows up in type-A women in our early 40s. My resting heart rate is high, and sometimes it spikes. It makes me feel really rotten.

The problem has been evaluated and I’m on medication, a beta blocker, that seems to work well.








When I remember to take it.

I don’t like to take medication every day. Intellectually, I know that I need to, and I try to remember, but I don’t always, and I should, and it’s actually pretty important.

I have a lot more sympathy for old people who kvetch about all the pills they have to take.

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  1. Would you like me to call you every day, so that either I tell you to take your pill, or you get so sick of hearing from me that that you remember on your own? jf

    • I will never get sick of hearing from you, and yeah. That actually would be a very nice thing to do, and it would take that much weight off of Chris’s shoulders.

  2. I am with you here. Somehow, I managed to organize all of Joe D’s meds and ensure that he took them when he was supposed to – but the one pill I’m supposed to take, I never remember. I’ve even tried the “set the alarm on my phone” trick – and still forget.

  3. I put pills like this next to my toothbrush. I mean, you brush your teeth every day, right?

  4. Joy T. permalink

    I have a fast heartbeat also (typically under 95 but that’s still high). Does not matter if I weigh what I did in high school or what I weigh now. Does not matter if I exercise 5 days a week aerobically or not. So, I know what you mean….Beta blocker makes me feel crappy so I don’t like to take it. I’m trying a combination of deep breathing and an occasional xanax. That helps! Hugs, my sweet friend!

  5. Peter Schaar permalink

    I would kvetch about my pills, too, if I were certain of what “kvetch” means. Something like complain or whine about, I think. So many pills, so much money, so little time. But, I’m still here, more or less in one piece. So I take them.


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