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September 14, 2011

It’s time for hyperbole.

1. They found the cure for cancer (sort of, maybe) or at least a cure for some cancers, maybe, but anyway, they definitely got a new crazy-complicated targeted immuno-genetic technology  to work on at least one person. Using the AIDS virus. How wild is that?

2. They discovered an M-class planet a mere 36 light-years away. When I was in elementary school, we were taught that someday, maybe in my lifetime, they would have the technology to identify planets, and maybe find one similar to earth. Woot! I think even Pluto must be wobbling in his excitement over it. And yeah, I think we do need a space program, because humanity needs a dream.

3. The Back to the Future sneakers.

This is what I think about when the doublespeak of the upcoming Presidential election gets me down. Sneakers.

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  1. Aunt Lee permalink

    This cancer research/treatment news is exciting. I’d always figured cancer would get me, so I am cautiously optimistic, a new feeling for me. Thanks for alerting me to this development.

    Sneakers are the best. Do they still make Keds? No way one can be pretentious in Keds.

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