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July 22, 2011

I do this thing with housework.

Well, I do several things with housework. I procrastinate it. I rush through it. I delegate it. But somehow, it all gets done, and the process I use is a process I call triage.

I tackle the worst messes first. That’s why it took exactly one year for Chris and me to finally “finish” moving into our bedroom. I’ve learned, at least in housework, that good enough is just that: good enough.

It’s emotionally healthy, and it’s a good example for my children: to teach them to evaluate everything they have to do, and choose the most important task and do it first.

I show it by the example of doing housework together, and I show it by the example of prioritizing my own jobs and talking about what I’m doing, being a parent, and what I’m not doing: anything else. It’s also good for them to know where they stand in the order of things: important.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with them this summer, playing, doing housework together, and not writing. It reminds me why I didn’t even try to get anything done outside of full-time parenting until my younger child started all-day school.

I’mma go watch my son play. This is a short and pointless post, but it indicates a long and purposeful life.

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