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Incorrup … Incorrigible

April 13, 2011

Chris and I scored (free) tickets to an open rehearsal of the Dallas Symphony’s upcoming performance of Handel’s Messiah.

I think the Dallas Symphony Orchestra is absolutely positively the very best thing about living in Dallas, and we go whenever we possibly can squeeze in the time. If there is a classical  music joke to be had, Chris and I will make it. That’s why we absolutely must have a private box, but tonight was open seating so we sat in the orchestra.

It started with the line about “Oh we like sheep” . . .  “Oh, yes we do . . .” Chris and I mouthed silently to each other.

We were good for a while, but then, at the very end, when the bass sang “And the trumpet shall sound! And the dead shall be raised! And we shall be changed [into zombies]!” and we very quietly in our seats pantomimed the zombie walk. It wasn’t crowded, and I don’t think the people sitting three rows away knew why we were soundlessly snickering, and I doubt they would be amused if they knew.

I love my husband, I absolutely positively do.

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