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April 4, 2011

I like language.

I like the whole kit as well as the kaboodle. It’s my bread and butter, of course, since I am a writer, but I also like it for its own sake.

I like other languages, learning them, speaking in funny accents, making puns in them, and watching movies in them with the little subtitles and the lips that keep moving long after, and I like the Kung Fu part. I like learning to curse in them, except for Japanese which, I was told, has no curse words because “that would be impolite.”

I like the philosophy of language, of how it might mean what you and I think it means, and I like how the meaning thereof means something.

I like this video, which makes me think that language has a lot more to it than what it sounds like. I’ve always wanted to get around to learning ASL. Here’s why.


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