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April 2, 2011

This isn’t a funny blog. I mean it is, when I can pull it off, but that’s not the purpose of it. This post is a tangent.

Well, it’s more of a critical point, mathematically speaking, because it’s not going anywhere.

I’m just wondering, when I get around to having an I Don’t Have Cancer Any More Party, what the cake is going to look like.

It can’t be worse than these baby shower cakes.

Seriously, though, Erica and my mom were saying we have to have a nipple party and serve drinks like the Angel’s Tit and the Buttery Nipple. If I invited over all of my friends who have been such a crucial part of my survival, and served them cake balls shaped like breasts, including nipples, I wonder what the reaction would be.

I think I might be curious enough to find out, actually. When did I succumb to tastelessness?


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  1. Diane permalink

    You could always go for a different kind of “chest” cake, and order a Tom Selleck Cake.

  2. math joke! lol. respect your precision.

  3. Mara permalink

    Those WERE pretty bad baby shower cakes.

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