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March 26, 2011

Graham, about the way the fridge and ice cubes smell: “You need an onion detector.”

Me and Chris, simultaneously: “You have one. It is the middle of your face.”

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  1. For sure you’re gonna be OK if you can crack a joke like that.
    It must have hurt when you broke down laughing hysterically.
    You almost had me in stitches.
    So glad you’re already one week past the event.
    Let’s hear it for another milestone passed !!!
    We’ll be back in town after April 9th. Take care.

    Love, js

    • Mary Knapp permalink

      They went on a scavenger hunt to find the culprit in the fridge, and Georgia found it, but not before the whole refrigerator was clean. Evil Nannie knew it was in a vegetable drawer and saved those for last!

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