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Always a Good Idea

March 2, 2011

For those readers who don’t live in Texas, today is Texas Independence Day. It’s evidently a big deal here.

I pulled on my favorite ancient cowboy boots, stuck an invisible bandaid over my mouth to restrain my inner snarkasaur, and got my kids to school on time for the third time this week, which (I think) is a new personal best.

It’s Wednesday. It’s Chapel Day.

It’s always a good idea to stick around and go to chapel at my kids’ school. We all, especially me, need more Jesus in our lives, plus it reminds me of summer church camp, plus it’s hilariously funny more than half the time.

Today was a hilariously funny day.

Guests from Camp Lone Star, the local Lutheran sleep-away camp, were visiting to promote their camp.

Via skits.

With costumes.

My daughter, not lacking in personal Drama, was one of the lucky kids who got to be in the skit.

I didn’t realize this until she showed up wearing a Ninja Elvis costume for a dance-off with another costumed kid.

First of all, she is never, ever, no not ever, going to shake off the “Ninja Elvis” nickname.

Second of all, somewhere, somehow, I did something right, or the awesome teachers at Janie Christy School of Dance did something right. When her turn came, she busted out a move I can only describe as Thom Yorke meets Blood Elf.

Furthermore, the whole skit and skaboodle reminded me that, while Texas isn’t home, and there’s a lot I am missing by not living back home on the East Coast, this is a great place to be right here, right now.

Sometimes the little things are bigger than the big things, and while I’m still not sure the good guys won the Battle of San Jacinto, I’ll say that all things considered, Dallas is a good place to raise a family.

There’s something uniquely Texan about a school that offers a great academic education, a great Christian education, a great peer group, and lets my kid dress up as Ninja Elvis to bust some crazy dance moves on a typical Wednesday morning in March.

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  1. Note to GR: Will you please do the dance for me sometime? Curious what music you danced to as well. Thanks, E. for making my mondays with your weekly digest and for making me feel young for knowing about Thom and Blood Elf combo. So glad you like Dallas for raising children; we did too, compared to Los Angeles, where we might have stayed.

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