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February 21, 2011

It’s iconic. The “I have cancer” look — bald.

Surprisingly, lot of people think cancer itself makes your hair fall out, and I am reminded, over and over, of that wonderful woman I went to college with who came down with alopecia areata during her freshman year.  It’s horrible to lose your hair, and it’s horrible to get the pity look wherever you go.

When I lost mine it was a much smaller deal than everything else I was going through, but it still made me sad.

I said to my brother, “My hair has started to fall out,” and he replied, truthfully, “My hair has been falling out for years.”

Then came the hats.

My head was cold all the time, so I wore a ski cap most of the time, even in July and August. I had a lot to choose from, because my friends are wonderful and mailed them to me all the time, including a several hats hand-knitted with love (thanks, Mom) and with skill plus love (thanks, Laura) and a couple bought with love and good taste (thanks, Jeanne).

The very best hat was the pirate one, which I wore everywhere, and again I shall say it: Thanks, Maureen.

I wore a baseball cap sometimes, which, I was told, looked creepy, because it only highlighted my baldness, but I like to imagine the off-kilter looks I got wearing it around Dallas were because it said “NY” on it. Yeah, I like the Yankees, and I have cancer. You wanna make something of it? Do ya? Do ya?

I don’t wear hats much any more, but recently, I came across a style of hat I did not wear when I was without hair, because I did not know about it, but if I had known about about it, I would have worn it. And, if you are reading this blog because you know someone who has cancer and you are wondering what might be a good gift for them, here you are.

Spirit Hoods.

If only I had known.

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  1. Mary Knapp permalink

    Thank goodness they’re faux fur, because if you’d worn them in the PC East you would have been pelted with epithets.

    I think the night hawk one would be great on you, even now.

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