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January 8, 2011

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions (I do it eight weeks earlier on my birthday) but I do a certain amount of blessings-counting, and the new year provides an impetus.

Ten Things I Love About My Kids’ School

10. The school respects family time and therefore keeps homework to a reasonable amount.

9. The teachers are terrific.

8. The enrichment opportunities like art and music and after-school programs are actually enriching.

7. It’s seven minutes from my house unless I hit a string of red lights.

6. The reasonable tuition means that I don’t feel guilty about sending them there.

5. The girl’s uniforms look like Eloise.

4. The staff are people I would be friends with anyway, if they would have me.

3. It’s clean, even according to my OCD standards.

2. The curriculum and materials are perfectly tuned to the way, and pace, my kids learn.

1. The peer group, for my kids and for me. It’s peerless.


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  1. Mary Knapp permalink

    I love #5!! It’s absolutely true. I could add others, like that all the teachers know all the kids’ names. When you chose that school you did a wonderful thing for your kids.

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