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The Sweet Smell of Success in Parenting

December 27, 2010

Graham won’t eat his vegetables.

It’s not that he does not like them; he does, dipped into ranch dressing, or cheese sauce, or soy sauce, or mayonaise.

It’s that he is six and he would rather get up and run around, and I let him leave his vegetables for last because I eat my vegetables last.

Today, there were two untouched spears of broccolini sitting on his plate.

I had a flash of inspiration.

“Graham, do you know that if you eat your broccolini it will make your poo smell very strong — so strong that the smell will stick around the bathroom for five minutes or so after you go?”


Down went the broccolini, immediately.

I have a nagging anxiety that tomorrow he’s going to insist that I go up to the bathroom to sniff the air.

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