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November 22, 2010

Our new house has trees. Lots of them. It’s one of the reasons we bought the house.

I’ve already disendeared myself to my neighbors by chopping down the dying Arizona Ash that used to stand front and center of my house. Now I’ve got the tree guys here taking out three hackberries in the back yard.

There is nothing wrong with the trees, per se. It’s just that they are crowding out three American Elms. There’s not space for six mature trees where they are growing, and so I made a choice.

My garden already looks better.

I wonder what other major areas of clutter I have in my life that I could reduce by half  to allow the things I value to flourish.

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  1. Anne Slater permalink

    Everything, from poison ivy to people, needs space, sunshine, and AIR to grow and thrive. Please send photos of the trees when you can.

    • Anne Slater permalink

      and I JUST realized that *I* dis-endeared myself to the kid who lived next door when I bought my house: I had cut down and dug out two HUGE yew (? arbor vitae) bushes (the kind with roots as thick as a 10 year old’s arm, and 12 feet long, horizontally. They were dumb and ugly and did not enhance anything. In their place I planted a Callery Pear about 8 feet away from the one bush spot, on one side of the sidewalk, and an L-shaped hedge of Fairy Roses on the other.
      I figured out how popular the hedge was 2 springs later when I watched cars slowing down to look at my blooming pink hedge

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