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November 15, 2010

He is six today.

It’s his first birthday since his first one where I have been healthy. I:

  • Made pancakes from scratch for breakfast, with sliced strawberries.
  • Brought in a home-made brownie-cookie cake, decorated with “Happy Birthday Graham and Chlöe” in colored writing-gel from a tube, which I had on hand in the pantry, and which I could find.
  • Made a cake.
  • Gave him the present I had bought weeks ago, kept hidden, remembered about, and remembered where it was.

These things may seem small, but to me they are huge.

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  1. Aunt Lee permalink

    Yes, these are huge accomplishments. Congratulations to you, and congratulations to Graham. Such a big boy now.

  2. Anne Slater permalink

    Hoorah for Graham and his Mom and Dad and sister.
    A great day for celebrating, and you’ve done it up just right.
    6 is a lovely age. (But aren’t they all!)

  3. Laura Charron permalink

    Sounds like a success to me. Happy Birthday to the big boy and love to you all.

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