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How Lovely

October 30, 2010

The writer of Chinese Grandma, a blog on food, family, and thoughtful living, left a lovely comment. Thank you!

What a serendipity! I love food and cooking and health, and I’m tickled pink to have found such a great resource. It also makes my day that I got good props from someone who is patently so good at doing this online journal thing.

Even more, I’m happy to know of yet another link in this growing circle of community, of mothers, writers, cooks, daughters who are all making the world a better place, for our families at  home and our larger family all around us by seeking always to improve our own knowledge base and then sharing that wisdom.

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  1. too kind! what a fun surprise to see your post (i’m a subscriber of yours, you know!). i added you to my blogroll. i have relatives who have made it through cancer and one who very sadly did not this year. your writing is clear and true and i am sure will help many.

    i love our mutual admiration society! i’m new at this too (just started up this summer) and didn’t read any blogs before. i agree with you it is fantastic to discover great people writing amazing stuff out there. and i feel especially happy to have found someone who’s learning the ropes at the same time.

    count me in for a boost whenever you think, “is anyone really out there?” i’m here, and i am reading. =)

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