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I’m THAT Neighbor

October 11, 2010

Written on my driveway, in bright green chalk, is this:

Please clean up
your dog’s poop
in my yard

Next time I will use multicolor chalk, like this:

I have cancer. My immune system
is compromised. Cleaning up your
dog’s poop could kill me.

I love sidewalk chalk.

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  1. Margarita Coale permalink

    I know why we are friends now. I wrote in my trash cans– this is private property you are trespassing. Please take the poop with you! it is smelly and in my trash can.

  2. Shelley permalink

    Good for you!

    I had a neighbor whose dog lived for the day it was let out of its fenced-in, poop-filled yard so it could take a massive dump in my yard (these are small yards, and close houses). Not the dog’s fault – its own yard was filthy. But this was during the period of time my daughter was at the learning-to-walk age, and it made me crazy. Once I managed to stick my head out the window and catch the dog in the act while its owner stood there: “You’re going to clean that up, right?” I said, sweetly. He at least had the grace to blush crimson.

  3. joel permalink

    A friend in San Antonio once recommended putting the offending substance in a ziploc bag and taping it to the front door of the dog’s owner’s house with a note: “Excuse me. Perhaps you didn’t notice, but these fell out of your dog.”

  4. Cindy Thornton permalink

    Now I will know where your house is! Keep it up until Friday Girly! The Thornton Clan will be there!

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