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Why Not?

October 1, 2010

I met up with  my good friend CJ for lunch this week.  Ostensibly we were going to rewire lamps Wednesday morning after the following text exchange over the weekend

CJ: Where do you go to get your lamps rewired?

Me: I hear Lakewood Lighting is good and cheap, but I gotta say, I do it myself.

CJ: You do!?!?!!?!  Is it easy?

Me: … i can do it … a chimpanzee probably could …

C: Stop saying that about my friend.  Will you show me how?

So we made plans to rewire lamps in the morning and then  go have lunch at the Hare Krishna Temple which is near my house, but on Wednesday, I wound up having coffee with some friends and forgetting my cell phone so I left a message for CJ from another friend’s cell phone saying I would be late, and then I stopped by to see my 91-year-old neighbor.  Finally I got home and there was an email from CJ, saying that she was running late, and could we please meet at 11:00  instead of 9:00 and OH, she had lost her cell phone so could I please call her at home.  I called her and explained that I was late calling because of all of the above reasons, and that 11:00 would be fine but 11:30 would be better because I had to shower and clean up the breakfast dishes.  She got to my house at 11:45 and took a tour of my new house and garden including the remnants of breakfast still on the kitchen table.  We were both hungry, so instead of rewiring lamps we went to lunch.

The restaurant at the Hare Krishna temple near my house is spectacular.  It’s beautiful, and the food is amazing, and cheap!  I can’t believe I never went there before.  I said as much to my friend, and, furthermore, I said that someone should write a book, a Newcomer’s Guide to Dallas, because Dallas has so many wonderful surprises hiding in plain sight and the only way you can find out about them is by word of mouth, or to read D Magazine for an entire year or five.

I think I shall write that book!  I also think I shall add “Cool Places to Go in Dallas” to this blog, which is a whole lot more interesting than writing about cancer all the time.

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  1. Nicole permalink

    Yeah, that morning coffee thing has a way of throwing off my whole day too. But it’s fun and I consider it practice in ” building relationships” … Which is about the basis of everything.

  2. Nancy Kirk permalink

    Write the book. It would be adorable.

  3. Kay permalink

    I think together it makes a more interesting blog/book. Your experiences with cancer informed your experience as a newcomer – and give you a lot of insights in to the health care system that an “average” newcomer might not have, but some might need. Is it advisable nowadays to put your book content in a blog form? I know a few years ago, publishers wanted to see that you had a blog following, but I don’t know about now. I wonder if there is a worry about too much being out there. Also, I wonder if you would consider a more 21st Century medium – a website or Facebook page – though I’m not sure how you would monetize that. Perhaps you’re not doing it for money, though.

  4. I always do stuff for money. However, I take the long view, and I know that publishing it is the harder part of writing a book, so if this blog ever gets off the ground I’ll have at least a step in the right direction. Or is that write direction? Perhaps there is some sequencing there I could think about.

  5. Not that I’m coming to Dallas anytime soon, but I’d read “Cool Places to Go in Dallas” if you wrote it.

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