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Buckle Up! Or is that buckle down?

September 10, 2010

This is my second attempt to create a blog.  I tried one in 2004 when my son was three months old and my daughter had just turned two.  I never wrote anything.  (1) I had a baby (2) I had a toddler (3) I had cancer.  Here we go again, only now the kids are both in school, I don’t have cancer any more, and I have the world’s best office so if I fail, it’s all on me.  The theme of this blog is going to be living after cancer, but I think most of the posts are going to be about living in a McMansion in Dallas with two kids, a husband, the world’s best housemate, a dog, and some strong opinions.


That’s the point.

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  1. Caterbrea permalink

    Love the name you picked out. It is so fitting for your life after cancer blog. Does this mean your off FB now, or just less? ❤

    • Thanks! I’ll still post to fb, but the more interesting posts will go here instead and I will use facebook to — SQUIRREL — chronicle the antics of my dog and so forth.

  2. Awesome! I can’t wait to read more!

  3. Nancy Kirk permalink

    You have an authentic, okay, real voice. I’m looking forward to there, Dallas Belle.

  4. Amrita permalink

    That is the point, indeed!

  5. Barbara permalink

    What Amrita said!

  6. Aunt Lee permalink

    I’d imagine you have had occasion for long thoughts and very much look forward to reading whatever comes to mind..

  7. I’m in for the long haul with you here. Besides, maybe you’ll inspire me to update my blog a bit. I definitely lost it the year we were living and dying with cancer.

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